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Narrated from the perspective of the post-pandemic world around 2030, but moving back in time to cover all of the 21st century, and even bits and pieces from the 20th and the 19th, The Body by the Shore is a novel of suspense and speculation about the complexity of life and intricacy of the earth.

The Body by the Shore
Quarantined Sonnets

In this ebook, in powerfully original rewritings that combine humour and satire with acute social and political commentary, Tabish Khair uses William Shakespeare’s sonnets to paint a memorable and moving picture of the world in corona quarantine.

Winner of the AK Singh Memorial Award for Best Fiction.
Shortlisted for the Atta-Galatta Bangalore Literature Festival Prize.
Shortlisted for the Tata Literature Live! Book of the Year Award.

Night of Happiness
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