(Oxford: Signal Books, in collaboration with Indiana University Press)  

Edited by Tabish Khair, Justin Edwards, Martin Leer and Hanna Ziadeh
General introduction by Tabish Khair
Foreword by Amitav Ghosh

Other Routes “opens the reader to a world of alternative traditions to European travel writing and the pieces it contains offer alternatives to the European traveller’s gaze. The editors of this imaginative and broad anthology expand the concept of “travel writing” to include journeys such as spiritual journeys that are written about in poetry; extracts include the personal, ethnography, natural history, geography, cartography, navigation, politics, history, religion, diplomacy, politics, pilgrimage and culture(s) in general.”

(Garry Marvin, editor Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing)

“For far too long have we been trained to see the world through the eyes of a handful of Western travellers. OTHER ROUTES is a first step in establishing a new perspective, demonstrating, as it does, that the history of Eastern culture has also been marked by the intellectual curiosity and passion for discovery which characterises the literature of travel. This is a long overdue anthology that will be of interest to students of history, postcolonialism and literature, as well as readers of travel writing and any Asian or African who wants to know his or her own history as it has seldom been written.”

(Mike Phillips, novelist, critic, author of WINDRUSH: THE IRRESISTIBLE RISE OF MULTI-RACIAL BRITAIN)