Shortlisted for the Crossword Literary Prize (India) and the Aloa Prize (Denmark)

The Independent, UK

Superb… Elegantly structured and taut with understated passion, Filming is a brilliant recreation of the lost world of early cinema and the continuing tragedy of religious hatred. Although set in an India that has now vanished, its delights as well as its message should find admiring readers everywhere.

India Today:

Filming…[is]…a multi-narrative that intermixes straight-forward low key story-telling, flashbacks, dream sequences and action shots with admirable elan, unfurling a tale in print that mimics — both in content and in style — the flaming allure of the Indian bioscope…The picture that emerges may sear your soul much like your all-time favourite film.

Times Literary Supplement (TLS), UK

…an absorbing novel which is distinguished by its ambition, its structural inventiveness and its highly evocative prose.

Translations and Editions

filming-novel-tabish-khair-daDanish translation:

filming-novel-tabish-khair-ukUK edition: