(E-book published by Kitaab, Singapore. Can be downloaded from Amazon. Profits donated to charity by author and publisher.)

In this ebook, in powerfully original rewritings that combine humour and satire with acute social and political commentary, Tabish Khair uses William Shakespeare’s sonnets to paint a memorable and moving picture of the world in corona quarantine. This is arguably the first major work of literature to come out of the corona crisis. With iconoclastic humour and intelligence, it runs the readers through a gamut of emotions. It is also a clarion call for change. These 21 sonnets range from initial humorous riffs on the foibles of our age but grow progressively darker and more acerbic, while always playing with Shakespeare’s original works. A must-read for our times!

Profits from this e-book are being donated by the publisher and author to Migrant Workers Centre, Singapore, helping migrant workers to cope with the current economic crisis complicated by the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Further details: https://kitaab.org/2020/05/17/kitaab-publishes-the-first-major-work-of-literature-to-come-out-of-the-corona-crisis/

Author interview in the Hindu: https://www.thehindu.com/books/if-you-blink-you-fail-tabish-khair/article31708609.ece


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Quarantined Sonnets: Sex, Money and Shakespeare by tabish khair